Stepping UP is free community-based computer & internet training that helps adults build their digital skills in small easy steps.

The Stepping UP programme is for anyone with basic computer knowledge wishing to develop skills relevant to their work and life. You choose the modules (called digital steps) you want to learn. Stepping UP is also an ideal follow up to 2020 Trust’s Computers in Homes training.

How it works

How training increases employment opportunities
Increased employment opportunities

You choose from many training venues: public libraries, community training centres or our Christchurch mobile classroom ‘Dora’.  Each self-paced module takes 2 to 2.5 hours to complete, with your tutor there to help as needed. A wide range of digital steps is available; you choose the modules best suited to your needs and interests. All courses are free.

About Stepping UP

Microsoft Unlimited Potential logoThe 2020 Trust (a registered charity) started Stepping UP in 2009 with support from Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential programme, and today offers it to all Computers in Homes graduates and their whānau.

Since 2012, the 2020 Trust has partnered with public libraries to offer introductory Stepping UP classes to all local residents. Currently 35 libraries are partners, and we are extending still further in new and current regions. Our mobile classroom DORA has taken Stepping UP to the West Coast – see DORA’s blog in new window.

During 2014/15 1,315 individuals participated in Stepping UP, completing 4,486 digital steps in 31 locations around New Zealand.