2015 Stepping UP programme sees substantial growth

Map of NZ showing Stepping UP locationsThe Stepping UP programme has seen a large number of libraries and community training centres (CTCs) come on board in 2015.  Venues in Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Rotorua, Waipawa, Masterton, Foxton, Palmerston North and Buller to name just a few have embraced the purpose of Stepping UP, that is, to provide our communities with the freedom of choice in what, where and when they’d like to learn.

Stepping UP addresses a number issues that people face when wanting to enhance their digital literacy skills.  Most people, no matter what the age group, can’t always commit to part or full time training; whilst others don’t always require the mandatory subjects offered within a certification syllabus.  Stepping UP participants can chose from 24 Digital Steps (depending which are being offered within the venue) and register in classes to suit their digital needs and calendar commitments.

Libraries and CTCs are quiet, well managed spaces that are designed for learning.  Feedback from attendees confirm how comfortable they feel in these public spaces and how they appreciate being supported by patient and attentive trainers.  “I feel as if I can ask Amanda or Anne ANYTHING without feeling stupid, I feel so empowered” said one Rotorua Library participant, and a Team Librarian at Waipawa Libarary said “Our customers are enjoying the confidence gained by learning in a fun environment and are glad to have the opportunity to sign up to further courses.”

With 15 more libraries in the planning pipeline, 2016 promises to be a year where the 2020 Communications Trust’s Stepping UP programme continues to help and support New Zealander’s achieve greater digital literacy and digital citizenship.