Determination creates results in Kaiapoi

The 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes devastated the township of Kaiapoi.  Their buildings and infrastructure took a huge hit and during the past 7 years the community has worked incredibly hard to bring the town back to its former glory.

One re-build in particular which has been a resounding success is the library, and proudly the library team are now offering the Stepping UP programme in their beautiful new building.

Waimakariri Libraries Learning Connections Coordinator, Jason Clements, is pleased with the recent implementation of the programme.  “We have had a great week of Stepping Up and are delighted to have the programme up and running” said Jason.  “We do have an amazing new building here in Kaiapoi as the result of a rebuild”.

The 20/20 Trust looks forward to collaborating with Jason and his team throughout 2017 to ensure the Kaiapoi community has the opportunity to access computers and learn new digital skills.