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DORA & her sidekick ‘Dora’ in Santa Parade

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While DORA is an acronym for Digital On-Road Access, it’s true she was initially named ‘Dora’ because she was going to be a digital ‘explorer’ bus.   But seeing as we didn’t want to fork out millions to Nickelodeon over trademarking proprietary, it was decided it’d best be an acronym instead.  Digital On-Road Access pretty much hit the nail on the head and so ever since 2012, she’s been providing mobile access to free digital skills and connectivity to communities across the country.

In December 2019 though, while delivering digital banking workshops on the West Coast, our DORA and the Dora finally met when they participated together in a local Santa Parade!   We always knew there was a connection and boy, did they both look ever so cute.  Thanks, Dora, for entering DORA into the parade!

We trust everyone enjoyed having our DORA in their towns and community spaces and no doubt she’ll be back in the future, providing more free digital skills for life!