Get JUMP pre-pay broadband

Hear all about JUMP

JUMP helps families get home broadband so their children can continue learning out of school hours.

JUMP is a low-cost, pre-pay internet service for families with children under 18, with no current broadband connection.  Because it’s a pre-pay there’s no risk of running up a large debt and there’s no contract or credit check required.

Because it uses Spark’s 4G wireless network there’s no fibre or landline connection, and no installation cost or complications.

3 quick and easy steps to JUMP

1. Are we eligible?

Your family is eligible for JUMP if 
1.  your household includes one or more children (up to age 18)
2. your family home does not have a current broadband connection (internet on smartphones doesn’t count)

2. Is it available locally?

JUMP is available in your location if
1.  there is a local JUMP partner running free JUMP modem set-up sessions – find JUMP partner
2. there is suitable 4G coverage. Check 4G coverage 

3. How do I get it?

  1. to get JUMP please contact your nearest JUMP provider: details are on the provider map 
  2. some JUMP providers use our system to run group workshops; you can register online for free set-up workshop

At your JUMP session, you will register your brand new modem*, create your top-up account, sign a Kawa of Care and get tips on what you can do with 30GB.  Once completed you’ll walk out with a ready-to-go wireless modem that is preloaded with your free first 30GB/30-day data.  At home, you just plug into power and use it with a tablet, laptop, computer or smartphone.

JUMP is subsidised by the Spark Foundation and available through Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA).

*Free modem – the modem is loaned to you, for as long as you use the JUMP service.  If you sign up with another provider later on, you’ll need to give the modem back.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in being a JUMP delivery partner; a JUMP trainer or a JUMP family, here are some answers to those frequently asked questions.