Become a delivery partner

Register your interest in delivering Spark Jump in your community, to help families with children join the online world with affordable subsidised pre-pay internet.

If you have a community facility with computers and access to the internet – for example a library, school, marae or community technology centre – you can register your interest in becoming a Spark Jump partner below. The Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) will contact you to discuss further.

You may wish to read the Spark Jump Partner FAQ first (Google Doc).

Delivering Spark Jump – who does what

The Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) agrees:

  1. To supply Spark Jump loan modems as required each pre-loaded with 30GB data;
  2. To provide a Stepping UP training module for Spark Jump, as well as ‘train the trainer’ support and presentation materials;
  3. To assist in promoting Spark Jump through referral networks;
  4. To contact families who stop using the service to request the return of unused modems;
  5. To accept responsibility for the Spark Jump modems; for the avoidance of doubt, this means that local partners are not liable for any damaged or lost modems.

The Local Partner agrees:

  1. To respond to inquiries about Spark Jump and accept registrations from eligible families
  2. To provide training  & guidance to interested families and allocate Spark Jump modems.  You can do this in the way that best works for you; e.g. scheduling Spark Jump classes, using DIAA’s online booking system as used for our Stepping UP programme; or providing walk-in or 1-1 appointment Spark Jump guidance service as required.
  3. To ensure that all participants complete registration documents specified by DIAA, including the Spark Jump Kawa of Care, which is to be completed online (a copy will automatically be sent by email to DIAA and the participating family);
  4. To maintain a record of programme participants using the online tools provided by DIAA;
  5. To provide assistance to families, as required, if they require information about how to top up their Spark Jump accounts;
  6. To assist DIAA, on request, to contact participating families if modems fall into disuse.

Register your interest

Spark Foundation, DIAA and Stepping UP

Spark Jump is subsidised by the Spark Foundation and offered through Spark Jump community partners, including the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) .

The Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) works with delivery partners from Kaitaia in the Far North to Bluff in Southland to deliver Spark Jump and Stepping UP training.

Spark Jump partners may also become a Stepping UP partner to offer other Stepping UP digital skills training modules.