JUMP Survey

Please complete this quick 3 minute survey or click on the link below.  We do not ask for your personal information, rather a few questions on how you plan to use your JUMP connection.

JUMP Speed test

To ensure your JUMP connection is fast and reliable, please check the speed of your connection from your home address.

Just 2 easy steps:

  1. click here to run the speed test in a new tab. The test will tell you the Download speed (Mbps), Upload speed (Mbps) and Latency (sometimes called Ping) (msec). Write them down, or keep this tab open and copy them.
    If the test does not run  click here to run the alternative speed test in a new tab
  2. fill in this form to send us your results (the Download speed (Mbps), Upload speed (Mbps) and Ping (msec)

We will send you a free $10 JUMP voucher for your first top-up when you send us the speed test results.