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Meet the Stepping UP team

Laurence Zwimpfer

Operations Director

Laurence is responsible for the operational aspects of Stepping UP programmes. His background is as an electrical engineer and he loves flow charts and process diagrams to make things work better. This includes developing the partner network for distributing Skinny Jump modems as well as keeping DORA operational to deliver digital banking classes (35 year old buses do need a bit of TLC!). He also champions the use of Google Docs for monitoring programme implementation and outcomes.

However, the most rewarding part of Stepping UP is the steady growth in the partner network; the more trusted local partners there are, the more people there are who get the support they need to participate in the digital world.

Sue Kini smiling

Sue Kini

Stepping UP Programme Manager

Sue manages the Stepping UP suite of programmes, performing a wide range of tasks from creating course curricula to training and supporting hundreds of delivery partner organisations nationwide.

Sue has a background in computer training, working for a Private Training Establishment for five years before going into business for herself as a one-on-one computer trainer contracting to several different organisations. She worked with the 20/20 Communications Trust for 9 years, initially as the Computers in Homes Regional Coordinator for Northland and then as Stepping UP Programme Manager. In 2018 she transferred to the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa, continuing in her role as national programme manager for Stepping UP.

Shelley Struthers

Operations Research Support

Shelley had the great fortune to be a member of the Telecom Education Foundation in the 1990’s, beginning a journey that combined the delivery of technology into the education sector. In 2019, Shelley joined the Digital Inclusion Alliance in the role of Operations Research Support. In this exciting position she facilitates research programmes and operations support for DIAA’s extensive suite of digital initiatives.

Particularly rewarding initiatives so far include:
· Facilitation of research focus groups for partner Victoria University, which resulted in the published paper “Digital Inclusion Among Seniors” (2020)
· Logistical implementation of DIAA programmes, in particular the Digital Licence to 300 families
· Management of a team of volunteers delivering digital clinics into social housing
· Research and delivery of the low cost broadband product Skinny Jump

The DIAA team works with over 300 partners to reduce digital exclusion in NZ. Shelley is delighted to be able to play a role in this.

Leilani Glassie

Auckland Digital Ambassador and Trainer

Leilani is the Digital Ambassador and Skinny Jump Coordinator for South Auckland, a Skinny Jump Navigator, the Ciena Coordinator and trainer, and a Better Digital Futures for Seniors trainer. She joined the Digital Inclusion Alliance from Auckland Libraries in 2020.

Leilani finds that the most rewarding aspects of delivering Stepping UP programmes are enabling and empowering seniors to access digital content and learning, encouraging them to try and to learn something new, and the “wow” and reactions of the seniors once they have learnt something new. She also enjoys promoting Skinny Jump to local communities and local groups.

Alistair Fraser

Whanganui Digital Ambassador

Alistair has been working in a wide variety of roles within the Digital Inclusion sector in Aotearoa for over 20 years. He is passionate about helping to achieve higher levels of digital literacy, affordable internet access and equitable opportunities for everyone. He wants to see the utmost priority given to the provision of appropriate digital content to motivate and empower people in underserved communities and with which they can use with trust and confidence. Alistair believes these are the most powerful imperatives we can take to enable our survival and prosperity into the future.

Alistair feels hugely proud and privileged to work for the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa as a self-employed contractor. His current roles are support administrator, spreadsheet designer, Appy Seniors evaluator, Whanganui Stepping UP/Skinny Jump Ambassador and as a driver for DORA, the Digital On-Road Access training vehicle.

Eleanor Dashfield

Web and Systems Support

Eleanor supports the Stepping UP and DIAA websites and other online systems. She’s also a back-up tutor for the drop-in clinics run at the Wellington City Council’s social housing computer hubs, and performs various operations support and administration tasks.

Eleanor previously worked as a software tester at web development agencies, and helped administer the ICDL digital skills qualification.

Being part of the first Aotearoa New Zealand generation to grow up using computers and the internet at home, she wants everyone to have the opportunities she had. Eleanor enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and using it to support Stepping UP programmes’ delivery. What she finds most inspiring is seeing people who are new to the digital world or want to improve their skills give it a go and build their confidence.