New record for Stepping UP set in the Hutt?

Yesterday, Patrick Harlow emailed us from Hutt City to say “Today we had 15 students in the War Memorial library. A new high for me. As it was the Gmail module I had no issues coping with this number.”

Patrick has tutored 187 courses in 3 years.

A quick scan though the last 1,000 Stepping UP courses completed confirmed that 15 students was probably a record. It also showed how busy Patrick was, as he had run no fewer than 187 of the 3,857 Stepping UP courses completed to date, in the last over 3 years!

A 5-year anniversary

The very first Stepping UP course was held in the War Memorial library, just 5 years ago. Those courses helped us prove the concept and develop and tune the materials.

Now more and more libraries are joining, and find that adding short computer training modules to their library’s offerings is easy with Stepping UP. The high quality course guides, booking system and support from the 20/20 Trust are all free to public libraries. The range of 31 subjects allows libraries to choose what is of most interest to their community, resulting in popular, full courses.

Flexible training – and limits!

Like most Stepping UP tutors, Patrick sets a maximum participant limit for his courses – usually 8.  However, so high is their popularity – and his expertise – that he regularly stretches the limit to the maximum he can teach effectively.  Most of his courses are full…

People are always willing to help classmates

Patrick went on to say: “I have included a couple of pictures of my class just for interest sake and to give you an idea of my demographic. A sense of community is strong in the group. People are always willing to help the lesser able beside them and give every appearance of enjoying the class despite the large numbers.