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Arlo Guides

Arlo is an online scheduling and registration platform that allows our partners to promote their courses and provides a facility for participants to register online.  The Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa subscribes to this service and there is no cost to delivery partners.

These how-to videos have been created to help partners get started with Arlo, and also included is an Arlo handout that reflects the information covered in the videos.  Should you need further help or want to know something about Arlo that has not been covered, please email Sue Kini on sue@diaa.nz

After you have clicked on a link, for better viewing, you can either 1) maximise the screen by clicking this button or 2) download a local copy.

  • Getting started with Arlo
    • This 20min video shows how to schedule a standard Stepping UP class; a one-off session.  It also covers how someone can register a participant on the Stepping UP website, and how to register a participant from the back administration end of Arlo.
  • Tools in Arlo
    • This 6min video shows how to find scheduled classes; how to cancel a participant’s registration; how to mark attendance; and how to cancel a class and notify all who’ve already registered.
  • Arlo for Mobile
    • This 5min video explains how to use the Arlo app. Arlo for Mobile makes managing events and registrations easy, for your presenters and support staff.  In this video, look at how to use some of the key features in Arlo for Mobile such as viewing event, registration information, texting registrants and marking registrant attendance.
  • Scheduling multi-sessions in Arlo
    • This 12min video is similar to the first video except it covers how to use a multi-session template.
    • The Better Digital Futures for Seniors programme has four pathways, each pathway has four sessions hence you need to use a multi-session template to schedule the course.
  • Using Arlo pdf