Partner Resources

Sign-up support docs

Promotional collateral

Partner How-to Guide
(during face to face sign-up)

(note, all sizes will print on A4 printers)

Customer How-to Guide
(once they get home)


Eligibility Criteria DL flyer


Eligibility Criteria DL flyer x 3
(A4 double-sided)

Jump Poster A3

Sign-up Checklist

Jump Poster A1

Link to

Jump Poster DL

Link to broadbandcompare

Household Self-service guide
(Covid-19 sign up option)

Self-service Delivery Option

Household Self-service video
English version
Te Reo Maori version
Samoan version

Modem Returns

Modem Returns Form (to be completed for all returned modems)

Process Updates

Jump Modem Returns Update (December 2020)