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Stepping UP Programmes

The Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) has seven digital inclusion programmes under the Stepping UP banner: Digital Steps, Skinny Jump, Better Digital Futures for Seniors, DORA, Digital Banking, Appy Seniors and Digital Wellbeing for All.  All of these programmes are delivered in partnership with local organisations through New Zealand, principally libraries.

The Alliance’s largest digital inclusion programme is Digital Steps; free community-based classes that build your digital skills and knowledge in small easy steps, in subjects that interest you for your life or work. Each self-paced module takes two hours, in a relaxed and sociable space, with a friendly tutor there to help.  Learners can choose from 40 modules, available at over 350 delivery partners (libraries, REAPs and community centres) nationwide.

Skinny Jump is designed to help more New Zealanders gain access to affordable broadband at home; providing heavily subsidised connectivity to thousands of households at risk of being digitally excluded due to cost.  Jump is a flexible pre-paid service, offering 35GB of data for just $5, a quarter of the price of the cheapest commercial services available. Because it uses Skinny’s 4G wireless network there’s no fibre or landline connection and no installation cost.  No credit references or credit checks are needed.

DIAA has partnered exclusively with the Spark Foundation to deliver Skinny Jump through its delivery partner network.  During a Jump set-up, you’ll activate your free modem, create your pre-pay Skinny account, complete an online agreement and then take the modem home – all ready to use!  Workshops or 1-1 sessions are available from over 325 libraries, community centres and other partners nationwide.

Better Digital Futures for Seniors supports seniors (people aged 65+) seeking help in going online. Participants choose one of six Digital Pathways to learn new skills and build confidence using computers, smartphones, or tablets, and the internet.

Each Pathway is four x 2 hour long classes delivered in a small group at local libraries, community centres, retirement homes, marae and other locations throughout the country.

DORA is a completely self-contained high tech digital learning centre that can travel anywhere in New Zealand to provide computer and internet training for local communities. Where it is difficult for people to get to training centres DORA is the perfect solution – if people can’t get to training sessions, we are able to take the training to them.

Up to 15 people can go on board at any one time for computer and internet training. DORA comes equipped with 10 laptops as well as satellite, 4G and 3G internet connections.  The roof is packed with solar panels to supply power for the bus and when the sun isn’t shining, there is a petrol-driven generator to keep everything working.  DORA also becomes a mobile wifi hotspot when her 12-metre mast is extended.

DORA is a former school bus from Central Otago that was converted into a mobile classroom for Stepping UP in 2012. It is currently on a national tour of duty delivering Digital Banking classes.

Digital Banking classes help adults to gain knowledge and confidence with online banking, explore alternatives to paying by cheque, and learn how to recognise and avoid online scams. No personal financial information is required to participate. We have partnered with Kiwibank and TSB to deliver this programme, but people using any bank can fully participate.

DIAA is providing free online webinars for those wanting to move into online banking. If you have registered and attended these webinars, the following handouts relate to those sessions.

Accessing Zoom – participant user guide

Digital Banking Introduction – participant handout

Digital Banking Safety & Security – participant handout

Digital Banking Transactions – participant handout

Appy Seniors logo in blue

Appy Seniors is an age-friendly community project to help seniors aged 65+ to engage in the digital world using apps on their smartphones, tablets and computers. The project provides opportunities for seniors to learn practical skills and solutions to help them take full advantage of the digital age, creating digi-savvy older people who have the confidence to use relevant apps to reduce social isolation as well as save money.

Digital Wellbeing for All is an project designed to build the capacity of librarians to provide digital literacy training for their communities with a special focus on internet safety. Participating librarians engage in a 24-week online professional development programme and help at least 30 people in their local community engage in selected Digital Step modules.

There are no costs for participants – these are covered by the National Library for NZLPP-funded library staff and by InternetNZ for others.  NZLPP-funded personnel must register through Synapsys’ LMS and have had their approval request confirmed.


Become a Stepping UP partner organisation

If you have a community facility with computers and access to the internet – for example a library, school, marae or community technology centre, you can register your interest in becoming a Stepping UP training centre. We will contact you to discuss the process and assist with planning, materials etc., and in training or finding trainers.