Seniors using apps to improve everyday life

About Appy Seniors

A new age-friendly community project to help seniors engage in the digital world using apps on their smartphones, tablets and computers. Appy Seniors is a pilot project with a strong evaluation element. It is being piloted in five regions and commenced on 1 June 2021. 300 learners will benefit from a 2-hour tutorial in apps of their choice.

The project provides opportunities for seniors to learn practical skills and solutions to help them take full advantage of the digital age; creating digi-savvy older people who have the confidence to use relevant apps to reduce social isolation as well as save money.

Group of diverse senior people using smartphone


Learn how to use your smartphone for more than just phone calls. Become app-savvy and gain digital confidence by understanding how to access, download, and use any of the 10 apps available in this programme.

Apps offered are Trademe, WhatsApp, Supergold Card, online grocery shopping, online banking, Google Maps, eBooks and Audiobooks (Libby), video calling (Zoom), booking accommodation (Airbnb) and using the News app.


This programme provides training content specific to smartphones; addressing the increasing demand from library customers who need help in navigating their mobile phones. Ten most commonly used apps are covered and if there are others you’d like developed, contact