Digital Steps

Free, flexible and friendly training to build your computer, smartphone or internet skills

About Digital Steps

Digital Steps is a free community-based digital literacy programme that supports adults to build their digital skills in small easy steps. Anyone who wishes to develop their computer, smartphone, tablet or general online skills is welcome to attend. Digital Steps runs in over 200 public libraries, community centres, and schools

The curriculum offers 40 ‘Digital Step’ classes, each taking approximately two hours to complete.  Our delivery partners offer the subjects they believe are of most interest to their local community. Anyone can register and join as many classes as they like, subject only to space availability.

Tena the trainer with Maori women learners at Taitech in Gisbourne
Tena the tutor with participants at Taitech in Gisbourne


Digital Steps is for any adult in New Zealand who wants to develop better digital skills for life or work. Each self-paced ‘Digital Step’ takes about 2 hours, with a tutor to help as needed.  All classes are free. Popular topics include computer basics, smartphones, apps, tablets, digital banking, email, Google, online shopping, social media (e.g. Facebook), and digital photos.

Participant Feedback

“Good with a small group. Hands On. Visual screen. Tutor explained well and took people at their own level of computer knowledge”

“Jim was a great trainer. I wanted to produce a canvas for my mother-in-law and during his training course I was able to go on to Snapfish and order this. Session that enabled me to learn a useful skill.”

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to better understand this computer age – online banking, being able to talk to family overseas by using Chat (which I did not know anything about before attending the class at the Dunedin City Library) and catching up on world news.”


Digital Steps runs in over 200 public libraries, community centres, and schools.  The majority are libraries; places where the community can feel safe and welcome.  Most libraries now have dedicated Digital Librarians – people who are specifically trained to assist their community with their everyday digital needs.

Digital Steps is a partnership of organisations:

  • Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) – providing guidance, resources and programme management
  • Public libraries  – working with DIAA in supporting digital literacy initiatives and running classes
  • Community trusts and training centres – organising classes and providing venues, equipment, and trainers

Helping New Zealanders gain online skills since 2009

Digital Steps was established in 2009 with support from Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential programme.  From 2012 to 2018, the programme was supported by the Ministry of Education and the Lottery Grants Board for Computers in Homes families and their local communities, as an opportunity to continue their digital learning journeys. In August 2018 the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (DIAA) took over responsibility for managing and expanding the reach of the programme in collaboration with public libraries and community centres.

Further information on programme outcomes and impact is available in our reports below:

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2018-2019 Delivery Report
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