Affordable internet: Spark Jump cost drops 33%; 5 more partners

Spark Jump5 new partners

We’re delighted to announce that 5 more Spark Jump partners – three libraries, a Māori development organisation and a pc recycling trust – are now offering Spark Jump. After a short training/set-up session, you walk out with a working modem that you just plug in (to power) at home to get instant broadband.

Affordable internet access: Spark Jump cost drops 33%

More good news is that the Spark Foundation have significantly lowered the cost of Spark Jump: the prepay 30 GB/30 days now costs $10 instead of $15. This will make Spark Jump even more affordable and accessible to families with school- age children and no existing broadband connection. There is no connection cost and the modem is on free loan for as long as you you use Spark Jump.

New Spark Jump partners

The new Spark Jump partners are:

  • Digital Wings (Auckland and Wellington) –
    Digital Wings helps organisations responsibly dispose of their upgrade equipment by contributing them to charities, not-for-profit and whānau/ hapῡ community organisations. RemarkIT Solutions processes donated equipment, securely wiping all data and refurbishing it. Its main focus is youth ‘education to employment’, but donors can nominate charities; Digital Wings cannot assist individuals. Digital Wings is managed by Di Daniels, who for many years managed the 20/20 Trust’s award-winning Computers in Homes programme, helping over 19,000 families.
  • Dunedin Library –
    As well as offering Spark Jump, Dunedin Library has free access to PCs, WiFi and A3 flatbed scanner for library users and is a 20/20 training partner for Spark Jump and an Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) partner.
  • Feilding Library –
    Feilding Library offers free access to PCs and WiFi for library users, is a 20/20 training partner for Spark Jump and is an Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) partner.
  • Masterton Library –
    Masterton Library’s eCentre also provides: safe, private and reliable internet access for all; free Wi-Fi with 250MB/day; wireless printing; and a 20/20 training partner for Spark Jump.
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  • Nga Tai o Te Awa chief executive Andre Taylor sits in the organisation's Clubhouse. Wanganui Chronicle photograph by Stuart Munro.
    Nga Tai o Te Awa chief executive Andre Taylor sits in the organisation’s Clubhouse. Wanganui Chronicle photograph by Stuart Munro. Click photo to read article

    Ngā Tai O Te Awa, Whanganui
    Ngā Tai O te Awa (NTOTA) is a Māori Development Organisation committed to the pursuit of excellence and successful futures for Māori whānau, hapū and iwi. NTOTA provides health, innovation and development services, runs Clubhouse Whanganui and is a 20/20 Spark Jump partner.
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Find them on the map

There are now 29 Spark Jump partners and 20/20 Spark Jump training partners throughout New Zealand, and we are looking for still more.  To aid help digital inclusion, the Spark Foundation is subsidising pre-pay broadband connections and free-loan modems for 5,000  families with school age children and no home broadband connection.

Spread the word!

We think it’s a brilliant initiative – an affordable, no contract broadband internet connection, with a modem that needs no wiring so you don’t have to wait for someone to come round to connect you. Being pre-pay there are no financial checks, no commitment, no contracts; you can stop with no problems and simply start again with a $10 pre-pay 30 day/30 GB top-up. And if you move, you can take the modem with you, so you stay connected – just tell us the new address.

View Spark Jump partners on the 20/20’s Digital Inclusion Map – check local availability and spread the word!