Spark Jump ‘What if’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions about Spark Jump

What happens when I run out of data?  You top-up with another $15 / 30 GB/ 30-day voucher, from any of thousands of Skinny outlets.

What if I can’t afford to top up? If there’s no room in the budget this month for a top-up – or if you ran through the 30 GB faster than expected this month – there are no penalties because it’s prepay. If you don’t top it up or use it, nothing happens. Just top-up when you can next afford it and want it.

Is 30 GB/month enough for education? Yes, it should be enough for education, internet browsing, emails, and staying in touch.

What if we keep running out of data early? It’s a connection option for internet for education  – it is not suitable for entertainment, with downloading large files like movies, streaming audio and video. For that you need fixed line DSL or UFB or other services that offer ‘on account’ packages of unlimited data or around 100 GB/month, the amount the average New Zealand household now uses.

How can I see how much data we’ve used?  Login in to your Spark account and check the data balance. This will be covered in the Spark Jump workshop.

What if it stops working or I hit a problem? Usually this means that your pre-pay has run out.  You can easily check your balance online – you’ll try this in the workshop. Just buy $15 worth of Skinny top-up vouchers at one of the thousands of retailers – supermarkets, dairies, computer stores, petrol stations. Skinny does not have $15 vouchers just yet, so you’ll need to ask for two vouchers – a $10 one and a $5 one.

If it’s not that, just bring your Skinny modem and digital device back to the library or centre where you had your workshop and they’ll sort it out.

Can we use Spark Jump for a short period? Spark Jump is a good temporary solution for qualifying families who have a long wait for a landline or UFB connection. It uses the 4G and 4G 700 wireless network, can be set up in 10 minutes, there’s no ongoing contract, and the modem is available on free loan. When your landline/UFB is connected you will need to return the Spark Jump modem and Sim card.  (Keep the original packaging to return it in.)

What if my home is not in a Spark Jump coverage area? Sorry, we can’t help until Spark Jump coverage is increased to your area. There may be other options in your area, like community WiFi.

Is it a handout? No, it is a low cost, low data usage option, suitable for education and general access, not for high-bandwidth entertainment. 20/20 executive director Stephen Carr says “It’s about working together to help families understand the benefit to the child’s education and how giving them internet access to support their education at home can really lift their academic achievement. And having lifted that, it can increase their employability and financial well-being.”

What is the connection between Spark Jump and Stepping UP? They are separate initiatives, but many of our Stepping UP partners want to support Spark Jump locally by holding Spark Jump workshops (bookable through the Stepping UP booking system) and so it made sense to include make the workshops a Stepping UP training module.