Spark Jump speed test

We want to be sure your Spark Jump connection is fast and reliable. Please check the actual speed of your Spark Jump connection from home because it may be lower than expected, especially if you are near the edge of a coverage area.  If it is lower, try other locations in your home that may work better – e.g. upstairs, near a window.

We will send you a free $10 Spark Jump voucher for your first top-up when you send us the speed test results.

(If at a later date you feel that Spark Jump performance has dropped, you can run the test again to check it out, though there’ll not be another free voucher…)

Just 2 easy steps:

  1. click here to run the speed test in a new tab. The test will tell you the Download speed (Mbps), Upload speed (Mbps) and Latency (sometimes called Ping) (msec). Write them down, or keep this tab open and copy them.
    If the test does not run – sometimes it doesn’t work on Chrome – click here to run the alternative speed test in a new tab
  2. fill in this form to send us your results (the Download speed (Mbps), Upload speed (Mbps) and Ping (msec)

That’s all!

We’ll then post you a $10 Spark Jump voucher, and if your speed test is less than we expect we will get in touch with suggestions for better performance.