Computer classes designed just for you!…

The number of libraries that aTrainingre offering the Stepping UP programme throughout New Zealand is increasing each month, and in turn the number of people who are learning new digital skills is also on the rise.

Perhaps you’re someone who is wary of computers but know you need some basic skills to get by?  Maybe you haven’t enough time to attend a full or part-time course or night classes?  Perhaps you only want to know about one or two topics because you’re already fairly computer savvy?  Or maybe you’ve only recently got the hang of ‘surfing the net’ and you’ve just now come across our Stepping UP website?

Stepping UP caters to a vast range of skill-sets, from the very beginner who isn’t sure how to hold a mouse, to someone who’d like some direction on using Ancestry-Library edition.  You can attend as many or as few classes as you like, and when you do then perhaps these words, from past participants, may well come out of your mouth too…

“I’m really stoked to have found this course, it is helping me go forward in so many ways. I am modelling to my children and grandchildren that if you need to get qualifications it is possible to go out there and do it.”

“I found today’s lesson very challenging, however I enjoyed learning the fundamentals of Word 2. The teacher was extremely helpful in her expertise of today’s lesson.  I find I am becoming a little confident on the computer, it will take time.  Thank you”

“Having taken other courses, I feel this is the best. It has proper structure, rather than asking what you want to learn. The instructor on this course has shown more patience than the others. This is very important to older people!”

“Well designed for all age groups of people”

“I can’t believe that the classes are free that’s so awesome”

Contact your local library to see if they offer Stepping UP classes. If they do then register for a course, if they don’t, have them contact us: and we’ll get the ball rolling!

(Not all libraries use our online booking system, but many do. You can check online – from the menu bar click on Where can I learn to see libraries that offer Stepping UP classes, and then Register for upcoming courses to see courses they have currently scheduled.)